Healthcare Recruitment Consultant

About the job

Recruitment Consultant needed for a small but powerful Healthcare Recruritment Company

Have you got medical recruitment experience in any areas? With doctors, nurses, social care or primary care experience all being included, this client is excited to be looking for a new in office consultant - full time.

Furthermore, as well as the sliding scale up to 20% commission there is also regular opportunities for salary increases with top billers being able to earn up to 45/50k per annum.

This team has a lot of fun and is far from corporate! To find out more about this exciting opportunity all you need to do is apply here.

After receiving your CV we can have an informal meeting before being introduced to the client for interview. If you feel like you need any additional support such as interview practise or further information, we are always prepared to support and give and help needed.

Job Location

Hertford, UK

Type of Job

Full Time in Office

Published Date

31 May 2022, 23:00:00

£18,000 - 24,000


Healthcare Recruitment Experience


Sliding scale 20% commission

Salary increases up to 45/50k per annum available for top billers.


If you are a recruitment professional and you don’t see any roles that are of interest, we would still love to assist you in your search for your next role. So please do either send your CV to or call 01525 305895